Fostering comfort at home is at the heart of what we do.

From dormitories to public and school housing projects and apartment buildings, our housing team offers cost-effective and sustainable housing solutions that deliver comfort from the ground up. Whether you’re seeking to construct a new residential tower for college students or increase the energy efficiency of an existing family housing building, SitelogIQ’s experienced team has the expertise to help you build and maintain a welcoming place for residents to call home.

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“SitelogIQ is an excellent partner in business. A pleasure to work with, quick moving, and makes the whole process easy and immediately implementable”

 – Michael Ferguson, Vice President of Engineering, Windsor / GID

Public & School Housing

We offer a wide range of solutions for school housing facilities including:

  • Construction: Time, budget, and space constraints can add urgency to the housing construction process. Our construction professionals understand the complexities of building residential spaces and provide fast and accurate pre-construction and construction services. From consulting and planning to construction management, our priority is building a welcoming environment for residents to live and play.
  • Energy: With residents drawing energy from multiple sources in a single building, it’s important to make sure each housing unit is running at peak energy efficiency.  We have the knowledge and expertise to guide housing complex owners through the process of procuring, managing, and implementing an energy plan to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.
  • Engineering and Commissioning: From civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design to site plans and layouts, we have the engineering phase of your project covered. We have the experience and resources to engineer your housing project and provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Once the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are installed, our commissioning team performs a series of tests and balances to identify and correct issues and verifies that the systems are performing as intended.
  • HVAC: The health of heating and cooling systems is critical to the comfort of residents. Performing proactive maintenance and replacing equipment before its end of life can greatly enhance occupant comfort and operational efficiency, helping residents achieve the right temperature in their living space. Our mechanical team specializes in system design, smart controls, and retro-commissioning to maximize the operation and functionality of residential heating and cooling systems.

Multifamily Housing

We offer a wide range of energy and facility efficiency solutions for owners and operators of multifamily housing facilities including:

  • LED Lighting: With lighting being a key factor in multifamily buildings, residents are constantly drawing energy at all hours of the day and night while looking towards updated and modern living aesthetics. Implementing LED lighting solutions and fixtures, significantly reduce your building’s operating costs and creates desired environments that’s tenants are looking for desiring.
  • Smart Controls: What was once thought of as a luxury is now a staple in modern-day living. The demand for smart spaces is at an all-time high and being able to provide those means is essential in meeting the demand of your tenants and future tenants. Our team of experts has a multitude of smart control technologies that multifamily owners and operators can easily implement into their complex structures.
  • Pathogen Mitigation: With health and safety being top priorities for residents during the current state of affairs, accommodating the needs of your residents is essential. Our pathogen mitigation solutions such as UV lighting and Bi-polar Ionization combat harmful bacteria and viruses in common area spaces such as recreational rooms, gyms, apartment lobbies, shared office spaces and more all while restoring confidence in your tenants.
  • EV Charging: With more electric vehicles on the road, being able to provide EV-charging stations at your building complex to your residents is essential in today’s environment. Not to mention understanding when and where to implement the charging stations is one of the biggest challenges multifamily property owners and operators face. Our team has the expertise to navigate you through the many options of when and where to implement EV charging.
  • HVAC Motors: Operating motors waste half the energy they consume. Designed to enhance existing HVAC structures without replacing the entire unit, smart HVAC motors reduce false alarms and service calls while minimizing maintenance costs. We’ve helped our customers deliver next-level performance efficiency through smart HVAC motors and meet the ever-growing sustainability requirements.
  • Water Efficiency: Commercial buildings are the second-largest consumer of publicly supplied water. Facility operators are constantly looking for better ways to manage water conservation and reduce costs. With a multitude of water-saving technologies to choose from such as aerators, low flow toilets, sinks and more, our team of experts have helped our clients find the right options to support their efficiency needs.



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