City of Harrisburg Selects SitelogIQ to Develop Capital Improvement Plan 

Harrisburg, PASitelogIQ (SIQ) Northeast is proud to announce that it will partner with the City of Harrisburg to develop a 5-year capital improvement plan for its facilities, assets, and infrastructure.

“With a long-standing history working with customers throughout Harrisburg, we’re honored to help the City implement its first capital plan, which will equip them to make data-decisions and continue to make their buildings and community better,” said Rick Evans, SIQ Northeast President.

SIQ will assess the City’s government offices, parks and recreation facilities, public safety buildings, roads and bridges, among other assets. In addition, it will analyze Harrisburg’s energy utilization, including water, fuel, and electric, and opportunities to improve efficiencies. The comprehensive plan will include an asset inventory and assessment, including an analysis of their systems’ performance, needs and prioritization analysis, financial planning and modeling, risk assessment and mitigation, and plan development and documentation.

The capital plan will help the City identify ways to prioritize critical investments to update their physical assets. SIQ applauds Mayor Williams and City Council’s desire for a robust budgeting and planning tool as they take steps toward improving their financial position.

Physical assessments of the City’s buildings, systems, and infrastructure will begin in March which will be utilized to create a list of prioritized projects, starting with those most in need of improvements. SIQ will present a capital plan this fall.