SitelogIQ’s COVID-19 Guidance Featured in County Association Newsletter | SitelogIQ

NJAC County Biz, a newsletter for counties and businesses published by the New Jersey Association of Counties, featured an article by Peter Roehrig, Senior Business Consultant for SitelogIQ, in its May 2020 issue.

The article, “A COVID-19 Guide: Restore. Prepare. Rebuild.”, outlines the many COVID-19-related facility health and safety challenges and how SitelogIQ’s Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP) solutions can help facility owners succeed in facing them.

SitelogIQ offers disinfection and cleaning services for essential service buildings, touchless automation and surface coating applications, air ionization, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, and filtration to kill airborne pathogens. “Ionization works by forcing positive and negative ions to react to form hydroxyls, otherwise known as ‘nature’s friendly detergent,’ which surrounds and kills airborne pathogens,” Roehrig explains. “Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation removes infectious microorganisms by inactivating them prior to air filtration.”

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Read Pete’s article below: