Anaheim Convention Center

Project Background

Anaheim Convention center awarded SitelogIQ a contract to replace their outdated T12 Fluorescent HO fixtures operating as the “house lighting” during the non-convention days. After the initial contract was completed, the facilities staff requested ERC to design-build additional work to complete the exterior lighting, office lighting, and parking garage lighting. The additional lighting work was done as a “change order” to the initial contract and was paid for using a combination of U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program and Anaheim Utility Rebates.

Services Delivered

  • Replaced over 2,000 T12 fixtures in the main convention center halls with new, low wattage T8 Fluorescent fixtures
  • Installed Unistrut channels to attach the new linear Fluorescent strip fixtures based on the engineer’s design.
  • Designed and installed Induction lighting to replace existing High-Pressure Sodium area lights, wall packs, and floods.
  • Retrofit all interior office lighting and common area lighting throughout the facility with low wattage T8 lamps/ballasts.
  • Replaced HPS fixtures in the parking garages with new T8 Radial fixtures with bi-level occupancy controls.

Project Specs

Reduction in annual energy cost: $360,347 Total project cost: $785,000 We worked closely with facilities management to coordinate product delivery and installation between convention center event dates. There was a small window of opportunity to install the lighting during the convention “non-peak” dates. The installation team worked double shifts to ensure that all 2,000+ convention center hall fixtures were installed in just under 45 days.