City of Santa Ana Police Department

Project Background

The City of Santa Ana, located in CA, enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs and has successfully completed nine energy efficiency projects. For their most recent project, the SoCalREN and Local Government Partnership (LGP) partnered with SitelogIQ on a project at their police department building to maximize utilization of resources, with SoCalREN providing project management support and the LGP providing funds for a lighting audit and the initial incentive application. Santa Ana’s police department facility is a 250,000 square foot multi-story building that operates around the clock. The building is the City’s highest energy user, making it an ideal opportunity for an energy efficiency project. SoCalREN provided high-touch coordination support with the City’s police department staff to ensure that even high-security areas containing sensitive information were included in the project.


Construction was completed in just 3 months and the project achieved:

  • Over $74,000 in annual energy cost savings
  • More than $160,000 in utility incentives and $400,000 in On-Bill Financing (OBF)
  • Over 673,000 kWh in annual energy savings
  • Over 135 metric tons of CO2 in GHG reduction, equivalent to taking 28 cars off the road for one year!