City of Thousand Oaks, California

Project Background:

The City of Thousand Oaks, California has long understood the importance of energy and sustainability throughout its community by reducing its environmental footprint. In 2017, city leaders began taking steps to offer programs allowing local businesses and residents the power to select electricity providers and opt-in for renewable energy sources. Additionally, it began rolling out its plans by converting streetlights and traffic signals to LED lights and installing solar on city-owned buildings. 

Project solution: 

The City of Thousand Oaks and our SIQ West team partnered in late 2022 to contribute to the progress of the City’s Climate and Environmental initiatives through solar. As a current project, we installed a 359.1kW solar PV parking shade structure consisting of three solar carport structures at the City’s Municipal Service Center. The Solar PV system is designed to offset the equivalent of 100% of the building’s energy consumption and save the city over $75,000 annually on its electric utility bill.

Careful precision was given to position the two structures exactly where they could produce the intended shading effect for their bus fueling stations. Additionally, the structure was painted to match the colors of its Service Center to fit the city’s desired natural aesthetic.

Through extensive collaboration, our team has worked to provide the city with a solution they can be confident in to help propel its Climate and Environmental initiatives.