Governor Mifflin School District

Project Background

Governor Mifflin School District is located in Berks County in southeastern Pennsylvania and comprises six schools. The district needed to address maintenance, space, and utility use in its secondary campus facilities, including a high school, middle school, stadium, and community center. Since 2019, SitelogIQ has been working with the district to provide a district-wide assessment/feasibility study and develop a long-term plan for maintenance and efficiency. SitelogIQ has also completed work on the replacement of Governor Mifflin’s natatorium lighting system. Although the implementation of the full master plan was delayed in the spring of 2020 by the pandemic, the district plans to take advantage of the favorable bid environment caused by the pandemic, which will reduce the initial estimated master plan budget by 10 to 15 percent. In March 2019, the master plan was estimated to cost $66.4 million. Using SitelogIQ’s hybrid construction methodology and a guaranteed energy savings agreement, the project now will cost about $57.2 million.

Solutions Provided