Hanford Elementary School District

Situated in Hanford, California, the Hanford Elementary School District celebrates its most recent accomplishment: the procurement of new electric buses. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the sole school district in Kings County that deploys electric buses. These buses sport uniquely identifiable green bumpers and rims, allowing the residents of Hanford to promptly recognize them.

The School Bus Replacement Program by the California Energy Commission granted $1.95 million to Hanford Elementary School District. This funding aimed to facilitate the replacement of five diesel school buses with electric ones. The initiative supports schools across the state in their transition from older, environmentally-harmful diesel buses to vehicles with minimal emissions or none at all. This transition not only benefits the environment but also enhances children’s well-being by reducing their exposure to air pollution caused by transportation. Additionally, this effort contributes to the growth of the green economy.


Hanford ESD was awarded a grant from SCE to fund EV chargers for buses, in addition to securing a CEC grant for both buses and associated infrastructure.


The District partnered with SitelogIQ to Design-Build five (5) Blink IQ 200 Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers while utilizing Photovoltaic and Battery systems to accommodate the heightened electric bus demand from EV Charging.


Upon project completion, the District was able to commission their entire electric bus fleet for student and staff transport while saving approximately 85% of the electric buses’ required energy usage that is offset by the photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems. 

“SitelogIQ helped the Hanford Elementary School District with battery storage to leverage California Energy Commission funding to fund a solar array as part of the electric school bus infrastructure. Additionally, the District is in the process of receiving a rebate for the battery through the Self Generation Incentive Program.” – David Endo, Chief Business Official Hanford Elementary School District