Houston Public Schools

Project Background

Located within a conservative, rural community, the schools of Minnesota ISD 294 were showing their age and operational and maintenance costs resulted in utilizing valuable general fund resources in a reactive manner. District facilities needed to be updated to provide educational environments more conducive to learning.

Through a comprehensive facilities study, SitelogIQ helped to develop a long-term master facility plan to address the aging infrastructure and update the electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and lighting systems to provide an affordable, sustainable atmosphere. Interior and exterior aesthetics were modernized with a new gymnasium, and a remodeled, safe and secure high school entrance.

A well-conceived master facility plan and a budget-neutral facility reinvestment of $5.5M allowed the district to address both its short- and long-term facility needs and secure a viable future for the school. Moreover, because of strategic financing and debt equalization, district taxpayers realized a reduction in taxes.

Project Specs

Median Facility Age: 60
District Square Feet: 114,777
Number of Facilities: 4