Northern Essex Community College

Project Background

Enterprise Equipment Company (EEC) and SitelogIQ were chosen by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance through an RFP process to audit, design, engineer and construct an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) at the two campuses of Northern Essex Community College under a new Accelerated Energy Program. EEC and SitelogIQ assembled an energy performance contract aimed at improving the University’s energy efficiency and building systems infrastructure at the two campuses for Northern Essex Community College (NECC) in Haverhill and Lawrence, Massachusetts. EEC and SitelogIQ assembled an energy performance contract aimed at improving NECC’s energy efficiency and building systems infrastructure. We verified the DCAMM and prepared scope of work for improvements that formed the basis for the performance efforts and resulted in the recommendation of relevant Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). We provided DCAMM and NECC with a prioritized list of improvements and developed an economically viable approach that yielded significant utility savings as well as essential equipment upgrades. The package delivered a wide range of important energy conservation and infrastructure improvements that were funded entirely from the utility cost savings while delivering positive cash flow over a 15-year Contract Term. ECMs such as campus-wide lighting, energy management systems, new hot water boilers, a VAV conversion, insulation, water conservation, electric motors and VFDs will deliver approximately $400,000 in annual savings.

Services Provided