Pawtucket Housing Authority

Project Background

ADI performed valuable energy audits for the Pawtucket Housing Authority. The investment grade energy audit included an audit of current consumption and systems within the Pawtucket Housing Authority. The HUD required that the Green Physical Needs Assessment look at all of the physical needs of the Authority with a green focus. Because ADI completed both, the Authority was able to leverage an economy scale. The scope of the Pawtucket Housing Authority projects included both family and elderly housing facilities at six locations. ADI Energy services on the Pawtucket Housing Authority projects included:

  • Collection and review of historical energy usage and rate/tariff analysis,
  • Study of the six Pawtucket Housing Authority facilities and their operational characteristics.
  • Identification of potential modifications designed to reduce the energy use and/or costs.
  • Performance of engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications
  • Recommendations for accept/reject decisions of ECMs.

Additional services also included quarterly measurement and verification of a third-party energy conservation project that saved the Authority over $1 million in extra serve costs.

Services Provided