Rousselot Peabody

Project Background

SitelogIQ was retained by Rousselot Peabody Inc. to analyze its central plant operations and develop possible strategies for reducing operation and maintenance costs at the plant. SitelogIQ conducted a study of Rousselot Peabody’s central plant operations in Peabody, Massachusetts. The facility’s energy plant consists of several large field erected steam boilers producing high-pressure steam, which is then used in several steam turbine generators to displace a large portion of the site’s electrical load. Low pressure exhaust steam from the turbines is used in the manufacturing process. Overall the plant can produce 180,000 pph of steam and 6 MW of electricity. Faced with ever rising costs for energy and plant operations, Rousselot engaged SitelogIQ to complete a detailed review of the facility’s expenses associated with the central plant operations. SitelogIQ’s analysis and subsequent reports have proven to be instrumental to Rousselot’s management in making strategic decisions for their plant operations going forward.

Services Provided

  • Industry energy services
  • Energy engineering
  • Central Plant O&M analysis and optimization
  • Boiler code review and recommendations
  • Utility cost reductions


  • Operating Procedure Revisions
  • Controls Modernization
  • Staffing Allocation