Construction Management At-Risk

Construction Management At-Risk

Construction management at-risk is an alternative to the conventional design-bid-build process. In at-risk construction management, an independent firm — the construction management at-risk provider — consults with the project owner throughout the preconstruction phase of the project.

At SitelogIQ, we keep your project goals as the top priority and provide you and your team with superior analysis and cost-saving expertise. As the construction management at-risk firm, we provide a range of project management services, including establishing a guaranteed maximum price when hiring subcontractors. As the project moves into the construction phase, the at-risk management firm oversees all work to completion.

We know that each project is unique. As a proven, professional at-risk construction management company, we tailor our methods to meet your individual project needs, making sure that the end result fully meets your goals and expectations.

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Construction management at-risk involves a range of different services, including, among others:

  • Scheduling
  • Delivery of program on your budget
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Cost control

What Are the Benefits of This Delivery Method?

The at-risk construction management project delivery method has multiple benefits. By empowering us as your construction management at-risk firm to act on your behalf, we serve as a single point-of-contact and negotiate for all matters related to the project to reduce the risk of cost overruns and scheduling delays. We manage the risk for you, allowing the costs and outcomes to be more predictable, estimating to be more accurate, and often, the reduction in project timeline.

Why Work with SitelogIQ?

Construction Management At-Risk services entail a commitment from us to deliver a project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). We act as a consultant to you, the owner throughout the development and design phases, and then as your general contractor when you reach construction phase.

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