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Energy management is a broad, complex topic that involves technical expertise, human insights, and big-picture thinking. Energy management is a delicate balancing act that requires equal consideration of current and future business needs, local, state, and federal regulations, occupant comfort, and environmental stewardship — to name just a few of the most important factors.

Who you partner with is critical to setting and meeting long-term energy management goals. SitelogIQ has extensive experience working with large properties — with our resources and in-depth understanding of the built environment, we’re an ideal partner to organizations in all industries and with properties of all sizes.

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What Is Energy Management?

Energy conservation and management involve several factors. SitelogIQ can provide:

  • Detailed energy audits that investigate the equipment, practices, and policies that impact your facility’s power usage
  • Energy monitoring benchmarking that takes a data-driven approach to conservation and demand management
  • Equipment repairs, maintenance, and retrofitting to keep your HVAC, lighting, mechanical, and other systems running their best at all times
  • Energy procurement consulting that walks you through your options for suppliers, plans, and pricing
  • Solar installation service and other green alternatives for on-site generation

Every business is different — consultants that take a one-size-fits-all approach to energy conservation and management won’t be able to offer the nuanced, transparent advice you need to make informed decisions. At SitelogIQ, we take the time to get to know your organization, your budget, and your priorities to provide practical, creative, and sustainable long-term energy and power generation solutions.

Why Is Energy Management Important?

SitelogIQ’s energy management services help with several key business goals, including:

  • Lowering your operating costs by reducing power consumption across the board
  • Ensuring occupants have a safe, comfortable place to work
  • Extending the life of expensive HVAC, lighting, and other systems without compromising performance
  • Using automation technologies to reduce the workload of monitoring and maintaining your facility
  • Improving power availability and reliability of emergency fire and security systems
  • Ensuring that you’re compliant with building code, ADA, and other regulations
  • Creating a path toward certification to LEED and other standards
  • Increasing buy-in from management around conservation initiatives
  • Generating client and stakeholder goodwill

How Can SitelogIQ Help?

Our energy management services begin with an in-depth consultation and on-site review. From there, we’ll outline a comprehensive package of services that will help you better understand your property and its energy management needs. Let us help you prioritize needed upgrades or plan for the future in a way that makes sense for your business. Working with an interdisciplinary team of engineering, project management, and energy conservation specialists, we’ll provide the technical expertise you need to make informed decisions.

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SitelogIQ was founded in 2018 but has roots that date much further back. Our more than 600 employees have completed over $5 billion worth of projects at 11,000 job sites, and we’ve delivered an estimated $1 billion in energy and operational efficiencies for our clients.

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