ESG Advisory Services

How are you responding to investor demands?

A rapidly changing market with an even greater focus on climate change resiliency is forcing companies to address investor demands and show how they are taking action to implement their sustainability initiatives into the business. Having a plan is no longer enough, and the need for real-world implementation is critical.

Do you have the capability to develop the early stages of your Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) strategy and successfully begin implementation?

Overcome ESG Obstacles

Responding to investor demands is urgent, and while organizations acknowledge the need to accelerate meeting ESG requirements, developing an ESG approach and turning it into a strategy that creates tangible value to your stakeholders presents a challenge.

  • Aligning team members
  • Time/money investment
  • How to implement and launch quickly and efficiently
  • How to play defense with investors (handling Risk)
  • Compiling and accessing data

Be ready to share your ESG strategy

An ESG strategy is the foundation of capturing your organization’s journey, instilling stakeholder confidence, and creating value.

A tailored ESG strategy will reflect your unique business and be meaningful to your stakeholders.

Gain investor confidence and tell a compelling, differentiated ESG story

Partnering with SitelogIQ results in developing a comprehensive ESG strategy that is right-sized to your business and to what matters most to your stakeholders.

Our ESG Advisory Service helps clients:

  • Conduct a materiality assessment to identify what ESG issues should be prioritized for your business
  • Make it easy to get started with a prioritized, actionable ESG strategy and goals
  • Make real, measurable progress to improve resilience, operating efficiency, and attractiveness to stakeholders

The sooner you begin developing an ESG strategy with action-oriented services the sooner your investors will:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to execute quickly on pressing requirements
  • Support long-term ESG and sustainability plans
  • Continue investing in your business, people, and community

“SitelogIQ did an excellent job understanding us as an organization and synthesizing information down to meaningful, actionable focus areas.”

Bryant Tallman, Director of Asset Management, Coastal Ridge Real Estate

Superior expertise with proficiency in strategy implementation

Built on a strong foundation of sustainability expertise, industry-specific best practices, and a strong track record working with leading real estate firms, our team brings a unique combination of strategy and implementation experience. With dozens of successful national energy and sustainable technology rollouts under our belt, our team is able to anticipate obstacles and develop plans that work in the real world.

Our ESG Advisory Service includes the following delivery of assets:

  • Materiality Assessment
  • Strategy and Execution Plan
  • Implementation Services
  • Stakeholder-Facing Materials

About Us

At SitelogIQ, we deliver comprehensive facility solutions that support our customers’ resiliency, future-proofing, energy savings, operating efficiency, and sustainability goals. We create healthy, comfortable indoor environments that promote productivity, increased output, and improved experiences. This is our mission and critical to driving success. Our purpose is to make it easy for every client to accelerate their progress and exceed the needs of their occupants.

  • Our ESG expert team, led by Kelly Vickers, VP of ESG Strategy & Solutions, has been creating and delivering robust ESG and CSR strategies for leading real estate companies over the last 10 years and has a wide array of industry experience developing, leveraging, and marketing these programs
  • Over 20 years of experience implementing sustainable programs for the real estate market and more with over 11,000 sites served to result in superior expertise in asset-specific environments
  • Our thorough discovery process and comprehensive materiality assessment lead to tailored solutions that encompass what matters most to stakeholders
  • Action-oriented advisory and consulting services are designed to add value from day one and are proven to work in the real world