Automatic Building Controls

Automatic Building Controls

In large commercial complexes, automated building control systems represent an easy way to improve efficiency, maintain occupant comfort, and keep operating costs down. Today’s smart automation systems are effective, easy to program, and engineered to meet the working needs of businesses in a wide range of industries.

From simple timers and dimmers to advanced direct digital control (DDC) systems, SitelogIQ has automation solutions for every client. Let us assess your needs and recommend a combination of tools and technology that works for you.

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Building Automation and Control Options

Commercial facilities have many moving components — building automation and control can take a wide range of forms. Some of the systems and processes that automation can help with include:

  • HVAC: Automated HVAC systems help maintain stable temperature and humidity levels while keeping your equipment running at maximum efficiency
  • Lighting: Automated lighting — including motion-sensor and timer-based systems — helps with safety and building code compliance while reducing power use
  • Security: Automated alarms and security systems provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of operator error that can lead to breaches or false alarms
  • Equipment: Direct digital control systems can be programmed to automatically run industrial equipment during off-peak hours, when it will be most cost-effective

Getting all these components to work together from a single monitoring point reduces the amount of labor involved in running a safe and profitable operation while allowing you to collect and monitor essential system data and make adjustments as necessary.

Benefits of Building Automation

Investing in a building automation system will deliver many long-term benefits. Automated building control solutions:

  • Reduce the amount of effort required from your building maintenance staff, freeing up team members to work on more important projects and minimizing the risk of human error in critical processes
  • Help you take a more data-driven approach to energy management, keeping your overhead costs down and reducing your impact on the natural world
  • Reduce wear and tear on capital assets, extending their lifespan and minimizing downtime
  • Lower the amount of paperwork involved in auditing and quality management reporting

To learn more about the benefits of an automated building control system can have for your organization, get in touch with a SitelogIQ representative today.

Nationwide Building Automation Control Experts

Designing, engineering, and installing a building automation control system requires a high degree of granular technical expertise and big-picture conceptual thinking. An effective system will take into account how your team works as well as your broader business goals and site-specific master planning.

SitelogIQ offers dedicated commercial service to customers across the country. Our company was founded in 2018 following the merger of seven leading firms, and our collective resources include a staff of more than 600 engineers, efficiency and automation experts, and HVAC professionals as well as a history of more than $5 billion in project value completed across 11,000 customer sites.

We pride ourselves on expertise, transparency, and exceptional value. Every project will begin with an in-depth consultation with your team and a detailed estimate outlining all work and costs involved. Use the form on this page to start the process today.

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