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Direct Digital Control

Large facilities require sophisticated controls to maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels while staying efficient and reliable. It’s for this reason that many industrial, commercial, and other buildings such as schools, apartment complexes, and office spaces have dedicated direct digital control (DDC) systems. DDC systems provide more precise control over HVAC and lighting operation, allowing you to set different temperature zones, schedule and automate system operation, and monitor performance over time.

If your facility isn’t equipped with a DDC control system, installing one may be a worthwhile investment. Let the SitelogIQ team help you evaluate what would work best for your needs and develop a plan that is beneficial to your operational demands.

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Operating Principles of DDC

DDC systems consist of a central computer workstation that monitors HVAC, lighting, or other system functions via a series of sensors. These sensors transmit data back to the workstation, where sophisticated software monitors performance and makes operational adjustments as necessary.

From the central workstation, staff can oversee HVAC system performance in real-time and perform manual program changes when required. DDC systems typically allow for a great deal of flexibility — while their primary purpose is building automation and systems integration, they also enable staff to respond to unique conditions, troubleshoot errors, and take care of basic maintenance from a single point that provides system-wide visibility.

Benefits of Direct Digital Control Systems

DDC and other building automation systems offer several advantages for building owners, maintenance staff, and facility managers. A well-designed DDC system will:

  • Respond quickly to environmental changes, helping maintain more stable temperatures and, ultimately, better occupant comfort year-round
  • Boost energy efficiency through programmable operations sequences
  • Keep operating costs down by ensuring HVAC systems are running at peak efficiency at all times
  • Reduce workloads by automating basic lighting and HVAC processes according to a set schedule
  • Assist with diagnostics, reducing downtime and alerting you when preventative maintenance is necessary
  • Simplify retro-commissioning, as individual equipment and systems can be swapped out without expensive infrastructural upgrades

Direct digital control technology takes outdated building control tools and brings them into the 21st century. By investing in a DDC setup up front, it will save you money in the long run while making your operation more intelligent and data-driven overall.

Installing a DDC System

DDC system installation requires an advanced level of technical expertise to minimize downtime and ensure compatibility across the board, particularly in older buildings where HVAC systems have been installed and upgraded a little at a time.

SitelogIQ can provide DDC system design and installation for properties across the country. We begin each job with a detailed, on-site review of your current lighting, HVAC, and other systems to assess the possibilities for automation. From there, we’ll put together a detailed proposal outlining our recommendations and the best way to proceed. Throughout the process, we’ll provide you with transparent pricing, open communication, and genuine expertise based on our engineers’ years of experience.

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SitelogIQ was founded following the merger of seven major building engineering firms in 2018. Our newly combined network gives us a nationwide reach and an unparalleled depth of technical expertise. To learn more about DDC digital direct control systems and the benefits they can offer your property, get in touch to request a consultation today.

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