Project Procurement & Logistics

Managing any project requires a great deal of collaboration and logistics. Factors such as item procurement, contractor selection and supplier reliability can all impact your project’s completion, so streamlining these aspects in the most efficient way possible is essential.

SitelogIQ is the professional consulting company you need when planning your project procurement. Our program managers are here to help you make sense of the many decisions your purchasing department will need to make with in-depth consultations and ongoing project management.

What Is Project Procurement Planning?

Project procurement planning is the process of deciding what your business needs to buy to complete a project, when to purchase these items, and who you should buy them from. After careful preparation, you’ll be better able to ensure the timeliness of your items’ delivery. A procurement plan keeps your project on schedule and budget.

The project procurement planning process helps you decide on your procurement expectations and methods. SitelogIQ can help you with steps including:

  • Identification: The purchasing department and project manager should work together to develop a list of items necessary for the project.
  • Selection: Before you can begin work, you’ll need to select suppliers who can handle your specifications. Contractors will bid on available jobs, and the project manager can determine which of these suppliers to choose based on custom selection criteria.
  • Control: Once each supplier understands their requirements and signs their contract, the project manager will need to stay in continual communication to ensure reliability. Your manager will arrange regular meetings, review orders and monitor delivery progress.
  • Assessment: After the project is complete according to the terms outlined in the contractors’ agreements, you can assess the final project. Your project manager and purchasing department will set up performance measurements and audits as needed.

Why Is Project Procurement Logistics Important?

Your choice of suppliers and procurement timeline have a significant impact on the quality of your project and your bottom line. Your procurement plan will:

  • Serve as your project’s framework to guide managers and contractors in their duties and responsibilities
  • Continually monitor your project’s progress and your suppliers’ performance so that you can plan accordingly
  • Increase the transparency between various players in the procurement process
  • Ensure compliance with various specifications and regulations
  • Save your business from the costs associated with late deliveries or poor service

How We Can Help

SitelogIQ has the extensive industry resources, knowledgeable team, and unique problem-solving approaches you need throughout the project procurement logistics process. Our program management professionals are here to help you:

  • Find the Best Vendors: We’ve worked with major suppliers across the country, so we’re uniquely positioned to find and secure the best match for your company. We also remain completely objective throughout the process as we focus solely on meeting your needs.
  • Manage Your Project Procurement Planning: Our team includes numerous program management professionals who will work with you throughout your project’s entirety.
  • Save Your Business Money: Finding the best suppliers is one way to lower your project costs, but you can always do more to keep your costs as low as possible. We’ll help you evaluate your project plan and pinpoint areas where you can increase cost-effectiveness.

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We have more than 11,000 projects under our belt, and we’re excited to use this extensive expertise to help you discover your procurement options and create the most effective logistics plan for your business.

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