The What & Who of SitelogIQ

Over $5 billion construction project value. $1 billion in energy savings. Over 11,000 customer sites. More than 30 locations nationwide. The full range of design, engineering, construction, management, energy and lighting solutions across the Commercial, Government, Healthcare, Higher Ed, Hospitality, Housing and Retail markets. Former top guns from Honeywell, Johnson Controls, the U.S. Military in leadership and sales roles.

We’re not talking about the “old guard” and we’re not talking about some new start-up.  This is SitelogIQ, with a robust 25-year history and the full capabilities of 9 businesses merged to deliver unprecedented value, operational efficiency, resiliency and customized solutions for its clients.  We’re at the intersection of “old guard” reach, expertise, operational capabilities and new world service, customization, delivery of efficiencies you never thought possible; we deliver exceptional expertise, novel customized solutions and outstanding attention to detail to ensure our clients’ goals are achieved every day.

As important as the “what” is the “who”; who are our experts? Many organizations say their greatest value is their employees but at SitelogIQ, our leaders and client teams deliver tremendous value, exceed expectations and understand how to “see around corners” for our clients to identify and answer what-ifs to achieve their goals while delivering world class service, added value, efficiency and achievement of client goals.  This is because the intelligence and expertise within SitelogIQ is unprecedented; we are made of renown industry leaders, respected thought leaders, hands-on experts from the “old guard” and the U.S. Military, and industry innovators who’ve joined together over the last 25 years to deliver better client solutions, fill gaps identified in processes and services currently provided by our competitors and deliver not only excellence but consistently intelligent, efficient, resilient solutions on behalf of our clients. The SitelogIQ team has delivered over $5 billion on construction project value and has quickly become one of the largest independent providers of comprehensive energy solutions, delivering over $1 billion in energy savings for our clients.

Kevin Madden is the President and Chief Executive Officer for SitelogIQ. He has been a global innovator in the energy services market for more than three decades and is recognized as a passionate leader that focuses on the people side to drive positive change. Prior to joining SitelogIQ, he worked for Honeywell in various senior leadership roles, including the Vice President/General Manager, Managing Director of the Energy Services Group, which was responsible for delivering 5,000 energy savings performance contracts and $4.8 billion in savings to their public sector clients.

The SitelogIQ Government Solutions division is led by Bobbie Griffin, an accomplished senior management executive with over 35 years of experience leading large engineering organizations providing planning, budgeting, program management, design and construction management.  As our General Manager of Government Solutions, he spearheads the company’s efforts to deliver customer-focused, strategic energy infrastructure and resiliency solutions to federal, state and higher education customers through comprehensive asset management services.  He has an outstanding record of achievement managing multi-million and billion-dollar Energy, Environmental, Military Construction, and Housing programs, including budget development, future year defense plans, acquisition, force protection, facility operations and maintenance, and real estate.  Additionally, as an active duty USAF Colonel, he had significant experience representing the Air Force in consultations with other federal agencies, state and community governments, congressional members, their staffs, and committees.  Prior to joining the SitelogIQ team in 2018, Bobbie has built upon his USAF experience to establish and grow a successful Energy Services Company and Energy Performance contracting business at Lockheed Martin from 2011-2017.

For example, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) selected the SitelogIQ Government Solutions group to update its headquarters, James Forrestal Building through an energy savings performance contract.  SitelogIQ construction and successful installation of 33,000 LED lights was completed off-hours to minimize the impact on the site’s 3,000 employees, went from assessment to construction completion in 9 months and SitelogIQ guarantees the energy savings over the term of the contract.  SitelogIQ also recently worked with the U.S. DOE to update its Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, MN, a $3.5 million contract on a campus of 44 buildings and a total 410,769 square foot campus which delivered over $7.3 million in net energy and operational savings.

For those planning to attend the Energy Exchange Expo at the Denver Convention Center in Denver, CO August 20-22, visit us at Booths 139/141 or contact Bobbie Griffin (USAF Ret. Col.), General Manager of SitelogIQ Government Solutions to set up a time to talk.

It’s time for you to see for yourself; contact us to hear about how SitelogIQ can deliver efficiency, resiliency and customized solutions to achieve your energy needs (Commercial/Industrial, Government, Healthcare, Higher Ed, Hospitality, K-12, Retail).