Federal Prison Camp

Project Background

SitelogIQ executed a guaranteed energy service contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BoP) through the ENABLE ESPC program to implement a hybrid ESPC at FPC Duluth that includes LED technologies, water conservation, boilers and other HVAC upgrades. The U.S. Department of Energy selected SitelogIQ through its fast-track program, ENABLE, to update the energy infrastructure at FPC Duluth. After selection and within six months, SitelogIQ completed an in-depth energy study of the facility to identify the detailed scope of work that is the final scope of work of the task order. Formerly an Air Force Base, the BoP in 1983 took over the operations of 94.91 acres and established a minimum-security prison that currently houses approximate nonviolent male offenders and inmates about to be released from custody. The campus encompasses 410,769 square feet with 44 buildings. Facilities include inmate dormitories, education, healthcare, administration, entertainment, commissary, facility support structures and staff housing. Construction includes the installation of interior and exterior LED lights that meet required security standards, water conservation fixtures, boilers within the dormitories and extensive HVAC upgrades to Building 314. These upgrades include new chillers and boilers.

The project investment of approximately $3.5 million delivers net savings of more than $7.3 million over the 24-year contract term.


  • Conservation solutions
  • Consumption usage analysis
  • Site evaluation
  • Investment grade audit energy
  • Preliminary assessment for energy
  • Energy analysis
  • Energy audit
  • Energy design build services
  • Energy financial analysis
  • Energy savings performance contract
  • DOE ENABLE Program
  • TAA/BAA Compliance


  • LED Lighting Technologies
  • Water Conservation
  • Chillers
  • Boiler
  • Dry Cooler

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