CA K-12 Schools

California K-12 Schools

SitelogIQ is an energy efficiency and K-12 facilities solutions company specializing in construction solutions for K-12 schools in California. Throughout the past several decades, we have partnered with more than 200 school districts across the state, including small districts, charter schools, and county offices of education, to bring functionality and comfort to the classroom while maximizing operational efficiency.

At SitelogIQ, our team will take the time to evaluate the district and community as a whole while performing a comprehensive facilities assessment. Our emphasis on communication throughout the entire process allows us to create and execute a project plan that fits your district’s educational needs and budget.

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Our Facility Assessment

During our comprehensive building assessment of your K-12 facilities in California, we provide solutions such as:

  • Utility rate analysis
  • Classroom analysis
  • Operations cost analysis
  • Master planning
  • Long-term facilities maintenance planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Facility improvement options
  • Enrollment projects
  • Assessment of educational adequacy
  • Assessment of building systems
  • Asset assessment

Our California K-12 Solutions

By working with SitelogIQ, you can be confident your California school will be efficient, sustainable, functional, and safe for all students, year-round. Utilizing our design services is critical for maximizing the potential of educational spaces and helping your district reach its long-term educational and operational goals. Some California K-12 construction solutions we provide include:

  • Project financing: Our specialists will help you understand and secure additional funding for your project based on your district’s location and current financing options.
  • Lighting technology and advanced controls: Help your district meet its unique goals and needs with turnkey solutions for your entire building, such as LED lighting retrofits and emergency lighting.
  • Facility specialist support: After establishing an energy conservation program, our team collaborates one-on-one with K-12 customers to drive efficiency and effective energy management by guiding, facilitating, and tracking the activities of clients. We also provide ongoing support with new energy startup policies and procedures for optimal results.
  • Commissioning: From the preconstruction and construction phases to our sustainable consulting and certification program, our team ensures all facilities in your district operate at peak performance.
  • Energy audits and studies: Through the power of data analytics, our facility energy experts can help you improve the visibility of energy consumption and costs to develop energy solutions for your K-12 district in California to reduce waste and drive continuous improvement for your facilities.
  • Construction: Since every building is unique, we provide and customize services such as preconstruction, construction, and personalized financing options to ensure your project and its outcome receive the highest priority.
  • Construction and planning: We understand the importance of creating a safe and productive learning environment for all students in your district. Our team partners with your K-12 administrators to develop project plans that foster performance and health while saving energy for cost-efficient operations.
  • Architecture, engineering, and design services: Whether you are looking to upgrade your infrastructure, make renovations, or build a new facility, we can provide a thorough assessment of your district to generate a cost-effective plan for enhancing the learning environment.

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