MN K-12 Schools

Minnesota K-12 Schools

At SitelogIQ, we do more than help your Minnesota K-12 district create facilities to improve education — we build connections with our project partners. Our team of professionals work across all phases of your construction project and stay in ongoing communication so you can make informed decisions that positively impact your facility, the students, and the community as a whole, both now and for the long term.

SitelogIQ has decades of experience collaborating with K-12 districts throughout Minnesota, and our team includes former educators with extensive backgrounds. Our team creates a tailored design to make a difference in the lives of students and staff and optimize their learning spaces. Throughout the planning and construction process, we will be a trusted partner to provide a superior experience and outcome.

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Our Education Solutions for Your Minnesota District

Every school district is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your specific needs while performing a comprehensive assessment of your facilities and the needs of your student body and community as a whole. Taking this time to understand your district’s needs allows us to develop a project plan that directly impacts your educational goals and budget.

Comprehensive Facility Assessment

Our team at SitelogIQ will assess the facilities from a physical, functional, and educational standpoint. We will also analyze your district’s financial situation and your demographics. We gather additional information through stakeholder meetings and feedback sessions. Based on everything we have collected, we will then provide your district with accurate data to make informed, fiscally responsible decisions regarding the direction and scope of your project.

During this initial evaluation period, we offer the flexibility for you to select the level of services required for your specific goals. Our Minnesota K-12 building assessment services can include the following:

  • Master facility planning
  • Physical building systems and asset assessment
  • Educational adequacy evaluation
  • Enrollment, capacity, and demographic projections
  • Space condition analysis (indoor air quality, lighting, temperature, sound, etc.)
  • Operational cost breakdown
  • Financial analysis
  • Facility improvement options 
  • Community engagement
  • Communications plan support

Developing Solutions

Working in collaboration with district stakeholders, we will develop a customized district facility solution and financial options. Your district’s goals remain a priority throughout the entire design and construction process as we strive to create educational environments that are efficient, functional, healthy, and safe while meeting student needs. We offer many solutions for Minnesota K-12 districts to assist in reaching long-term and short-term educational and operational goals, such as:

SitelogIQ also provides energy solutions for K-12 districts throughout Minnesota through audits and studies. Energy-efficient projects can help reduce energy costs and increase comfort levels in your schools. Studies show these types of improvement can positively impact productivity and performance. 


After creating a final plan and receiving approval from the school board and community, our team will execute and implement your construction plan. We will continue to collaborate throughout the process to ensure our preconstruction and construction services align with your overall goals for the project.

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At SitelogIQ, our team specializes in creating and implementing innovative solutions for K-12 districts in Minnesota. We help plan and build classrooms that benefit students, staff, administrators, and the community. To learn more about our services or start the planning process for your project, complete our contact form or call us at 888.819.0041 today!

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