Marysville Joint Unified School District

Project Background:

Marysville Joint Unified School District (MJUSD) had a $500 million of need and much of that amount includes critical infrastructure upgrades the majority of which has no means of financing other than from the general fund. Taxpayer support for new bond measures and development is lagging. We were able to identify a procurement method for the District that saves them over $1.5M per year with a total of $43M saved over 30 years.

Additionally, we were able to guarantee savings so the District has zero risks. We accomplished this by reducing their energy spend so significantly that even with a payment for a historically low-interest rate COP, they are able to put $1.5M a year back into the General Fund on money that normally would have been spent on paying their utility company, PG&E. In leveraging those energy savings, we are installing HVAC upgrades, lighting, solar, environmental controls, engineered infection protection, solar generation, energy management, a student education program and a green boot camp for the staff, and more! The District enjoys the savings and student engagement and benefits from having an equitable learning environment with upgrades to each site. All this achieved by redistributing what they would have paid to PG&E.