Mount Pleasant Area School District

Project Background

Facing aging buildings and infrastructure and high utility costs, Mt. Pleasant Area School District hired SitelogIQ to perform an Investment Grade Audit to address energy efficiency measures and deferred maintenance projects across the district, including 3 elementary schools, 1 secondary education complex, and 1 stadium. Façade repairs, natatorium system work, and HVAC improvements were provided at the Junior/Senior High School. The project brought natural gas to the building and eliminated the electric heating through roof-top and classroom HVAC unit upgrades. This work will provide significant utility savings to the district. At Ramsay Elementary School, SitelogIQ supported a new cafeteria/kitchen expansion, which was publicly bid for general construction. SitelogIQ provided oversight of the expansion work in conjunction with the GESA work, providing the district with oversight at no additional cost for the expansion.

Solutions Provided

  • Natural gas line to Jr/Sr High School
  • HVAC improvements
  • DDC upgrades
  • Stadium lighting replacement
  • Electrical system improvements
  • LED lighting conversions
  • Building envelope improvements
  • Water conservation upgrades
  • Security vestibule upgrades
  • Expand cafeteria at elementary school