There’s Power in Being Prepared

Building Healthy Environments for Community Success

The Golden State communities are being challenged now more than ever. Combating extreme weather patterns, unpredictable wildfires, aging infrastructure, increasing energy costs, and an ongoing pandemic has California residents feeling far more vulnerable and less prepared.

Our experienced facility and energy team is ready to help support municipal leaders and help you navigate these uncertain times. We develop solutions unique to your building environments to ensure the health and safety of spaces your community needs and deserves, while also helping you maintain a focus on sustainability.

Ways We Support Your Facility Goals:


Our program works to establish and meet long-term sustainability goals with detailed energy audits of your equipment, practices, and policies that impact your facility’s power usage. The EIQ Engineer team collaborates with your operational team to provide best practice recommendations as well as significant energy monitoring benchmarking as an approach to conservation and facility optimization.

Indoor Comfort

To address the COVID-19 virus and long-term Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvements, the U.S. Center for Disease Control recommends ventilation system upgrades or improvements to increase the delivery of clean air and dilute potential contaminants. You want the confidence that you’ve got the right team to manage IAQ for your facilities and help you be a reliable source of help and space for your community, especially in times of environmental danger.

Community Service

Monitor and reduce your community’s environmental impact through effective resource management tools and strategies. Review and implement Environmental Action Plans to ensure your community is meeting goals and increasing impact.


Avoid utility power quality and availability issues by increasing site resiliency by means of renewable energy, generation, and storage technologies. Ensure your operational systems are performing optimally to improve indoor air quality and prolong system life.

Cost Savings

Maximize your utility cost avoidance during low occupancy times. Through utilizing our unique and comprehensive energy monitoring services we were able to remotely monitor our customer’s energy consumption and successfully help reduce electric costs by $2.62 Million (28% cost savings) from March 1st, 2020 to May 31st, 2020.

“SitelogIQ’s energy program was the answer to our increasing utility costs, and aging infrastructure needs. Utilizing the State sponsored program to pay for these projects meant no money out of pocket for the City, and net savings to our General Fund.”

Sonia Hall, City Manager, City of Parlier

We understand that your local facilities serve many purposes – City Hall, Community Centers, Emergency Shelter – and it is critical that your facilities are in the proper condition so that you’re able to adequately meet the needs of your community. There is power in being prepared. We’re here to help.