Energy Procurement

Utility companies and bulk energy suppliers aren’t all the same. Effective wholesale energy procurement requires strategic sourcing that accounts for a wide range of factors. The needs of your business, your fuel requirements, your budget, and more will all impact where and how you buy energy.

Making sense of these factors — and making informed, forward-thinking decisions — requires an expert who knows the sector and can provide objective insight into your situation. It’s for this reason that SitelogIQ provides in-depth consulting around commercial energy procurement for businesses of any size.

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Energy Procurement and Its Impact on Your Business

Your choice of energy supplier has a major impact on your bottom line. Most critically, choosing a pricing plan that’s right for your business affects your profitability and makes budgeting more predictable on a month-to-month basis.

In many industries, energy use is such a significant part of overhead costs that even a small reduction can make businesses more competitive and financially sustainable. Even if the threat of higher energy costs isn’t a directly existential one, the question remains — can you afford to pass this bloat on to your customers in the form of higher prices or diminished services?

How We Can Help

SitelogIQ combines market insight, technical expertise, and creative problem-solving to assist with a wide range of energy procurement issues. We can help you:

  • Understand pricing plans: Most energy suppliers offer multiple pricing plans — fixed, collared, indexed, and managed plans are all popular options. Understanding the impact of these plans on your bottom line isn’t always easy, but we can help.
  • Evaluate potential partners: As an objective third-party that isn’t affiliated with any one supplier, we can help you choose the best partner for your needs. With local offices across the country, we’ve worked with most major companies and can match you with one offering the service and pricing that’s best-suited to your organization.
  • Explore use cases that can save you money: There’s more to keeping energy costs down than choosing the right supplier. Often, you can save by changing the way you do business to take advantage of off-peak pricing. We can help you schedule high-demand activities at times when they’ll be most cost-effective.

As much as we think of energy pricing as inherently unpredictable, the fact is that experts who know the market and take the time to get to know your business and its energy needs can provide energy procurement advice that yields tangible benefits to your bottom line.

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About Us

SitelogIQ was formally founded in 2018 following the merger of seven prominent national energy procurement consultants. We draw from this collective wealth of expertise to help our clients understand their procurement options and choose the best supplier and plan for them.

It all begins with a consultation. We’d be happy to meet with you and learn more about your business and its power needs. We can also provide an energy audit and other services that deliver insights into how and when you use the most energy — with this information, we’ll be better positioned to provide valuable, impactful advice.

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