Energy Savings

SitelogIQ specializes in comprehensive energy-saving solutions for our clients. After reviewing your property, conducting an energy audit, and consulting with your team, we can recommend improvements that will lower your energy use and reduce your impact on the environment.

Energy Saving Solutions

Our approach at SitelogIQ is to treat energy-savings as a whole-building issue. Rather than focusing on one area or one improvement, we look at more comprehensive ways to reduce usage. These methods can include:

  • HVAC: HVAC equipment is a major power draw, particularly in a large commercial or industrial facility. Upgrading aging equipment to newer, more efficient technology can lead to significant energy savings while making your building more environmentally-friendly.
  • Lighting: Lighting is similar to HVAC in that a one-time investment in new equipment will deliver long-term economic benefits. Switching to fluorescent or LED bulbs and adding dimmer or timer switches are fast and easy upgrades that will save you considerably every month. You can also implement induction lighting, which is similar to fluorescent lighting but doesn’t use the filaments that cause traditional bulbs to burn out quickly. Induction lighting offers a 100,000-hour lifespan and is one of the best lighting solutions for reducing operational costs.
  • Windows and insulation: Preventing drafts and establishing a good building seal will reduce the amount of work your HVAC equipment needs to do to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Newer windows, insulation, and other infrastructural upgrades are all good options for large properties.
  • Maintenance and usage: Changing the way you interact with your HVAC and other equipment is one of the most cost-effective and energy-saving solutions there is. Taking care of regular maintenance and adopting good, consistent practices, can reduce your energy use considerably.
  • Onsite generation: Finally, if your organization is serious about energy conservation, remember that adding an onsite solar, wind, or biomass generator will free you from the grid and make you greener overall.

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The right choice for your business may be a combination of some or all of the above. The most critical step is working with an energy partner that can identify the best combination of upgrades and investments based on your property, energy needs, industry, and budget, among other factors.

Benefits of Energy Saving

The reduction of energy usage is a goal of many organizations. An energy-efficient building will:

  • Lower your overhead costs and make you less susceptible to shifts in the price of oil
  • Reduce your overall impact on the environment
  • Potentially help you qualify for LEED and other certifications
  • Make your property more comfortable for occupants
  • Generate customer and stakeholder goodwill
  • Extend the life of aging infrastructure

Sample Energy Projects

Working With SitelogIQ

Finding cost-effective energy saving solutions shouldn’t be a daunting task. Whether you need to complete a series of minor interventions and upgrades or a major project, you should have options available that meet both your short- and long-term goals and your financial needs.

When you work with SitelogIQ, we’ll go over your options in detail and show you clearly both the immediate costs and long-term benefits of our proposals, and we will work closely with your team to minimize disruptions and create a project timeline that works for you and your business needs.

In the past, our projects have helped clients achieve the equivalent of more than $1 billion in energy and operational savings. We have a demonstrated history of working with education, government, industrial, healthcare, and other large organizations, where finding cost-effective energy solutions involves considerable technical challenges. To learn more about our services and request a consultation, contact us today.

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