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Moving to energy-efficient systems can feel like a complex undertaking. We’re here to help guide your team throughout the entire process. Early discussions and thorough planning are critical to identifying the best financing option and implementation method to allow for ease of your project progression.

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What Is the Guaranteed Energy Savings Program?

Guaranteed Energy Savings is a program that reduces growing utility costs. Through continual monitoring, it ensures that you’re able to reach your savings goals.

Once your company signs a Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement (GESA), SitelogIQ will upgrade your lighting, water, HVAC systems, and other crucial energy-using components. As a result of improving your facility’s systems, you’ll notice significantly diminished energy use and lower, more manageable utility bills. The process is budget-neutral, which ensures businesses of any size or budget can enjoy energy savings.

Different states set different qualifications and regulations surrounding their Guaranteed Energy Savings Program. We’ll work with you to meet your state’s unique requirements during every step of your system’s design, implementation, and monitoring.

How Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts Can Benefit Your Business

SitelogIQ can help you achieve many business goals by ensuring your energy savings. Benefits of our guaranteed energy savings program include:

Guaranteed Performance: You’ll notice significant energy reduction and lower operational costs after your project — guaranteed. We’ll take responsibility for any oversights, and you’ll be able to keep any extra savings.
Cost-Effectiveness: Because the Guaranteed Energy Savings program is a budget-neutral process, any business can increase their energy efficiency. You won’t have to worry about the financial risk of starting a new project due to the guarantee of money savings.
Increased Energy Efficiency: Through implementing energy-efficient measures in each of your systems, we promise noticeable increases in your building’s efficiency. This increase could draw environmentally conscious customers to your business and enhance your building’s value if you ever choose to sell.
Ongoing Support: Not only will you receive help with your project’s design and installation, but you’ll also enjoy ongoing support for the length of your contract. We’ll continually monitor your energy consumption and utility bills to make sure you’re receiving all your promised savings.

Work With SitelogIQ for Your Guaranteed Energy Savings

If you’re looking for personalized energy savings, SitelogIQ is here to help. We understand no two organizations are alike, which is why we offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach. We start our custom services by meeting with you individually. As you tell us about your business, goals, and budget, we’ll be better able to design a guaranteed energy savings plan to meet your needs.

You’ll always have somewhere to turn if you have any questions or need additional support to achieve your energy-saving goals. Through continual monitoring over the length of your energy performance contract, we’ll work with our in-house team to make sure your project stays beneficial to your facility.

With a nationwide reach and extensive experience working at more than 11,000 jobsites, we’re the trusted choice of countless clients nationwide. Let us help you realize your building’s full potential with reduced-risk financing options like our Guaranteed Energy Savings program. Contact us today to learn more and request your in-depth consultation.

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