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Lighting design plays a critical role in the safety, efficiency and functionality of any building. Even in small commercial spaces, the right lighting can make a property more attractive to visitors while keeping your operating costs to a minimum.

Today, there are more commercial lighting options than ever before. Making sense of the extensive variety of lighting, automation, and control systems — and knowing which are best for your space — demands real expertise. That’s where SitelogIQ comes in.

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Smart Lighting for Forward-Thinking Businesses

SitelogIQ is a commercial lighting company offering nationwide turnkey service to a wide range of markets. We have deep expertise in business lighting, industrial LED lighting retrofits and more. We specialize in whole-building turnkey solutions, which means systems that are not just energy-efficient and easy to use but also easy to integrate seamlessly with the way people use your property.

Our nationwide staff includes lighting engineers, architects, building automation experts and certified energy managers. With a team of more than 600, we have the resources necessary to take on any project through a turnkey process, meaning we’ll manage your project every step of the way. We’ll handle every phase of the project, including:

Sample Lighting Projects

When you work with SitelogIQ, all you have to do is “turn the key” and watch your business lighting solutions fall into place.

Our Lighting Capabilities

Every facility is different and has unique lighting needs. Employing a one-size-fits-all approach to commercial lighting is never a good idea. Instead, work with a firm that can match you with the best solution for your property and then implement that solution from start to finish. Here are some of the things SitelogIQ can help you with:

  • Emergency lighting: Effective, well-designed emergency lighting is key to safety in the built environment. SitelogIQ can design and install code-compliant emergency lighting systems for properties of any size.
  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor and architectural lighting is also critical to safety as well as to branding and functionality. The right lighting systems can make your guests feel more welcome while also complementing the exterior design elements of your property.
  • LED lighting retrofits: Retrofitting your space with LED lights is an investment in the future — one that will provide long-term returns in the form of lower overhead costs, reduced heat output, longer bulb life, and fewer potential energy compliance issues. As specialists in commercial LED lighting retrofits, SitelogIQ offers comprehensive project management and support.
  • New construction lighting: SitelogIQ provides comprehensive new construction lighting services. We can start working with you early in the design and planning stages and provide on-site installation and follow-up services as necessary. We specialize in green solutions and can even assist with LEED or other certifications.
  • Advanced lighting controls: When it comes to keeping your operating costs low and your productivity high, energy management is a top priority. Fortunately, smart IoT-connected lighting can keep the right areas of your building illuminated at the right times while avoiding overconsumption. When they’re integrated into LED-based solutions, network connectivity and intelligence can help lower costs, increase safety, enhance performance, and allow unmatched sustainability — and these systems are becoming more advanced all the time.

Who We Serve

The above are just of few of the many business lighting solutions we can assist with. Our clients span a range of industries and sectors, including:

With a network of 25 locations, we are positioned to provide turnkey commercial lighting solutions to organizations across the country.

Getting Started

Every commercial lighting project we take on begins with an in-depth consultation. We’ll use this opportunity to get to know your business and better understand its lighting needs, which will help us develop a detailed action plan going forward. To start the process, please submit your contact info via the form below.

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