Commissioning plays a critical role in ensuring the success of your project, providing you as the owner with the assurance that what is being delivered to you matches the original agreement and established system requirements. Our commissioning services include:

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Whether it is an existing building or new construction, our SitelogIQ commissioning agents look at the development and implementation of your mechanical, electrical, structural, plumbing and other systems in the building environment. We also gain a full understanding of your facility and its intended usage to ensure that all systems will operate properly and at peak performance, and be capable of meeting the demands of your occupants.

Proper building commissioning equates to more energy efficient systems with lower operations and maintenance costs and fewer change orders through the installation and operations process. And due to the thorough review and documentation process, owners have better baseline data from which to benchmark consumption and performance on as the system life.

By engaging us as your commissioning agent early in your project’s lifecycle, we can advocate for you to minimize risk of cost overruns and project delays. Our team is here to help.

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