Utility Rebates

Demand for energy-efficient and renewable energy equipment has skyrocketed. But many businesses lack the initial funds to set up an energy-efficient program on their own. Instead, you can find state-specific utility rebates and incentives to offset your project costs.

When you’re designing an energy-saving project, working with a knowledgeable company who can help you find these rebates is crucial. At SitelogIQ, our team of expert utility incentive specialists can help you navigate the subtleties of renewable energy incentives and obtain the most financing available.

What Are Utility Rebates and Incentives?

Utility companies and government agencies hope to encourage the switch to renewable energy by providing discounts to homes and businesses that take energy-efficient measures. If you meet their requirements, you can receive money in the form of incentives and rebates to transition your facility to renewable energy systems.

Businesses can obtain renewable energy rebates and incentive programs from individual states, local government agencies, the federal government, and private utilities. Each program has different criteria, timelines, and values.

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What Renewable Energy Incentives and Rebates Are Available?

SitelogIQ helps you take advantage of as many rebates and incentives that you may qualify to receive. These include programs for solar technology, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment, and similar business initiatives. Available programs include:

  • Utilities: Utilities sponsor most energy-efficiency rebate programs across the country. Some may even help design your project and provide commissioning assistance upon its completion.
  • Local and State: More than 30 states also offer rebates and other incentives for their residents, as well as many local municipalities. These programs aren’t available in every state, so your options are limited to what your local and state governments provide. However, some states that don’t have energy rebates in place instead offer loans for energy-efficient lighting improvements.
  • Federal: Federal rebate and incentive options are more limited than those provided by other forms of government. However, they do offer a 30-percent tax credit for homes and businesses who implement solar energy initiatives. This credit remains available until the end of 2023.

How Can SitelogIQ Help?

While rebates are an excellent project financing option, the specific requirements and speed at which they change can make it challenging to keep up with current programs. Instead, SitelogIQ can handle every aspect of your utility rebates and incentives.

We’ll start with an in-depth consultation to better understand your project’s requirements. Then, we’ll use our extensive resources to locate the maximum possible number of incentives and rebates available for your team. We can even handle the entire approval, pre- and post-inspection, and invoicing processes to save you time and reduce your project’s overall costs.

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Increasing your building’s energy efficiency and receiving the funds to pay for these initiatives shouldn’t be a challenge. For an easier way to complete your energy projects, turn to SitelogIQ. Our team of planners, designers, and project managers are here to help you understand your renewable energy options, as well as opportunities to ease your financial burden with various utility incentives.

As a leading one-stop source of facility solutions, we’ve helped thousands of businesses across the country enhance their energy initiatives and save money on their operational costs. Let us help you build a smarter building with available incentives in your state. Contact us to request your consultation today.