Holyoke Community College

Project Background

ADI Energy was selected by the Holyoke Community College to audit, design, engineer and construct an energy savings project under the Accelerated Energy Program. ADI Energy completed a project that addressed both deferred and operational issues and improved the building systems infrastructure.

Project Solutions

ADI Energy designed and constructed an energy savings contract at university’s main campus in Holyoke, MA. This project made significant upgrades to the main campus complex to improve the learning and working environment. The annual energy cost savings represents full tuition for 46 local students every year. “The energy upgrades are already paying off,” Bill Fogarty, vice president of Administration and Finance, told the HCC Board of Trustees in May 2017. The project was aimed at improving HCC’s energy efficiency and building systems infrastructure. ADI identified expanded opportunities for savings and infrastructure improvements that were also implemented. The improvements are funded entirely from the utility cost savings and deliver a positive cash flow over the Contract Term. Measures included the installation campus wide of LED lighting, upgraded and expanded energy management system and upgrades to the majority of the VAV boxes. Additionally, select classrooms and hallways received new ceilings, lighting fixtures and lighting controls. This improved both the classroom lighting and indoor air quality for the students. Additionally, ADI was responsible for asbestos abatement. Other measures included weather-stripping and new low resistance air filters. National Grid provided incentives through the Project Expediter program.

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